ukhwah syabab

Saturday, October 15, 2011

syabab's poem #1 : silent in the dark room

Silent in the dark room
these a tiny scream
but present and absent like a sound of the clock bomb
cos the soundless conquer 
make no room for the tiny scream

silent in the dark room
there was the dreamers
who sleepless at their own bed
without any thought
create fantasy to blur the nightmare
but nightmare rule
no one can stop it unless the devil eyes

silent in the dark room
there was the devil eyes
with the tiny drop of  tears
fall from the devil eyes
make the soundless room become brighter
with the power of the sadness of the devil eyes
no one know the devil eyes can cry
cos inside the devil hatred there were a spot of pure heart
that shine the pupil of the devil eyes

silent in the dark room
but no one knows where's the room is
cos the scream will never be heard
the dreamers will always fantasize
and the devil eyes will never cry
cos there were drop of tears
but still hold by the devil eyes
make the room remains in the silent darkness


Addin said...

sedih ? tapi ego . tu ke maksudnya ?

Saiazuan said...

orng tgh tdo dlm bilik gelap

eman said...

addin> not really...try again..hehe
saizuan> haha... itu secare kasar... ko amatilah ngn penuh jiwang maksud tersirat ni...haha

Edy Fee said...

alamak..omputih la....tergeliat lidah

eman said...

edy>haha... sje je kongsi karya dr versi english...hehe... jgn smpai tegigit lidah..bhye woo..haha

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