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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The story to be ponder

Yesterday I got a chance to meet with my old friend who currently doing medicine
He shares with me the story one of his patients during elective at paediatric ward
this kids was diagnose with rare disease
when he was born, his parent thought he was just as normal as every baby
unfortunately the sad story began when he was in Kindergarten
his teacher tries to talk with him but he ignores and don't respond
so the teacher talks with his parents and ask them to bring him to the doctor
he might be deaf
so this parent makes an appointment with the specialist and the doctor diagnose that this kid loss the sense of hearing
so they start to send him at the school for deaf where he will learn how to speak by using a signal
10 years later this kid starts to loss sense of sight
he can't see anything
and today this 13 year old kid living with blind and deaf
so how he chats with his parent and doctor?
whem my friend wants to talk with this kid
his father will take this kids hand and holding my friend's stethoscope and put it on his chest
and his father says, "this is the doctor"
and this kid nodded as a sign of he know whom he speak too...


this kid manages to put a smile on what happen to him
and we who have almost everything normal
how we appreciate what Allah have given to us???
let us recheck our Iman.... astaghfirullah hal a'zim 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Short Stories : MOMENT part 2

continue from Part 1....

10 years ago...

I still remember it was summer, I was sitting alone and looking at the lake of Tititwangsa Park. Despite the place was noisy with kids chasing around and family gathering, there I was at one corner feeling emptiness and my heart were pounding but my soul was dead. Suddenly someone approaches me from my back......
"Hi there! Is there anyone beside you? May I have a sit here?" I was blur yet furious as there were so many places he can have a sit but why must be in my spot.. Ugh!! 
"Err, of course, no one here!!! Do you see anyone here? daa~~," I was literally responding with sarcasm because obviously I'm not in the mood for chat. 

'Oops!! Sorry bro didn't mean to interrupt you, but this spot has the most magnificent view where sunset met by the end of the lake, don't you think it's beautiful? " You can see his white teeth when he smiled and somehow his face was shining like reflection from the sun. I believed he was trying to comfort me and somehow I felt for it.

Then, just a split of a second, I fall for it, he was really friendly and all of his topic really make me forget all the gloom and yeah, we take a snack and do a lot chatting and of course we didn't miss the chance to watch the sunset and the reflection of the sun through the lake was awesome! I wouldn't mind saying that it was the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life, watching it make me peaceful and somehow make me forget everything that make me pain.


"When you look at your life, the greatest happiness are family happiness. " 
~Joyce Brothers

          It has been five months after the mourning of my whole family because of the tragic accident involve the truck. Three sisters, two brothers and my mom and my dad, all I lost it in one second, how fast the time flies. I should be with them, but I rather stay at home and play online games rather than follow them to meet with our cousin. I never know it was the last time I can ever see them. I kept saying I want to change the past, the reality is I'm not ready to lose them.

Their death really changes me, I lost my soul and I lost my strength, the one and only things I love the most are missing and will never come back. How can I be happy about it, how can I continue with this journey without them by my side? I still remember the promise I made to the family that one day I want to build a big house at the highland with the breeze are flowing around us so that we will live in a better home since we are from poor families. However, everything will end up be a fantasy and the reality is a misery.

My name is Habib, I'm a university student who currently are doing art and literature. My passion towards art are beyond anyone could ever imagine. It's like I'm living in a different life with a different perspective. Writing poems and short stories are my skills. I love doing it at the park of Titiwangsa. It's like my second home to get the inspiration. Besides, when I'm in the bad situation or in pain, I always run to this place. The lake is so beautiful in green with the wind flow the wave smoothly and the trees around the lake are dancing and the birds are singing. This place is so peaceful. It makes me feel like I'm living with myself. Well, now I'm living alone.

After their death, I never allowed myself to go to the park of Titiwangsa. I'm not allowing my ego to drop a tiny few of tears when I was in the crowd. I know I'm not strong enough to hold the tears, but I kept trying to hold it by pretending in front of the glances that I'm good, deep down I'm in pain and sorrow.

"Thanks for being there with me through the bitter and sweet peas, You are my best friend The one that I seek out The one that I ran like lightning when I'm in doubt The one that I shared the tears and sorrow The one that will always be the one and only My best Friend that can't never replace"

Dunia Baru

Salam syabeebs...
it's been a while
last entry was 17th September 2012
and today I'm gonna wrote it as 12th September 2013
olmost one year!!!!
a lot of things have happen
things not going very well
but hey this is the reality
u jz have to deal with it
hopefully I'm gonna spend time to do some entri..hehe jz wait people...hehe

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