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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The story to be ponder

Yesterday I got a chance to meet with my old friend who currently doing medicine
He shares with me the story one of his patients during elective at paediatric ward
this kids was diagnose with rare disease
when he was born, his parent thought he was just as normal as every baby
unfortunately the sad story began when he was in Kindergarten
his teacher tries to talk with him but he ignores and don't respond
so the teacher talks with his parents and ask them to bring him to the doctor
he might be deaf
so this parent makes an appointment with the specialist and the doctor diagnose that this kid loss the sense of hearing
so they start to send him at the school for deaf where he will learn how to speak by using a signal
10 years later this kid starts to loss sense of sight
he can't see anything
and today this 13 year old kid living with blind and deaf
so how he chats with his parent and doctor?
whem my friend wants to talk with this kid
his father will take this kids hand and holding my friend's stethoscope and put it on his chest
and his father says, "this is the doctor"
and this kid nodded as a sign of he know whom he speak too...


this kid manages to put a smile on what happen to him
and we who have almost everything normal
how we appreciate what Allah have given to us???
let us recheck our Iman.... astaghfirullah hal a'zim 

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fatin qurratuaini said...

the kid was gifted.
untung mak ayah dia dapat dia. untung-untung diajak masuk syurga sekali.

macam2 iklan