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Monday, September 17, 2012

short stories : Moment

 It was moonless and I was alone try to find the right path, but the faster I ran I turn out back to the beginning... I was scared but the faith of want to get out of here make me strong.. I was alone in the dark hoping if someone can grab my hand and show me the way out... but I can't even hear the bird singing.. I'm sure I was in the forest..
There was a time I given up, I was sit down and hugging my leg and I cry out aloud.. not because I was afraid, but because I was alone in the dark with no one by my side. At that time, what I have in mind was the memoirs about my friends.

10 years ago...
I still remember it was summer, I was alone sitting and staring the lake at Tititwangsa Park. Although the place was too loud with kids chasing around and there were lot of family laughing with their own conversation, I was feeling empty my heart were pounding but my soul are dead. 


ade sesiapa ade IDEA pe yang akan jadi lepas nie?hehe
siapa yg belum baca cerpen karya syabab leh bace di sini

happy reading!!!


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

karya pop itu karya popular... yg berlambak kat pasaran sekarang hahaa

Edy Fee said...

lpas ni leh print cerpen n bukukan.hurmmm hehehe nape takde feel tu.smp dead. kritikal btul bunyinya

ubaidillah zulkefli said...

wohh..ghajin nulis ..huhuhu..sry lame tak jenguk...sngat sibuk =)

macam2 iklan